How Invisalign Can Improve Your Smile

By Cary J. Limberakis, DMD
October 30, 2017
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Would you like to join the approximately 4 million people who straighten their teeth without metal braces? If you would like to improve your invisalignsmile discreetly and comfortably, come to Limberakis Family Dentistry in Abington, PA for a comprehensive Invisalign consultation. Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic system that corrects mild to moderate tooth alignment problems without the inconveniences, oral discomforts and "out there" appearance of conventional wires and brackets. Plus, treatment with Invisalign takes less time and fewer trips to the dentist's office. Interested? Read on.

Why we have orthodontics

People of all ages undergo orthodontic treatment because their crooked, gapped or crowded teeth detract from their facial appearance and gradually develop oral health problems such as gum disease and decay. Anyone who has lived with a poorly aligned smile knows how difficult it is to keep teeth clean and gums healthy. Plus, bad bites compromise speech and the ability to bite and chew effectively and comfortably.

So traditional metal or ceramic braces long have corrected a myriad of smile problems, and in fact, they still solve the most complex of orthodontic issues. However, for individuals with less severe problems, Invisalign offers an easier solution--custom-made, removable aligners that are smooth and easy to maintain.

How Invisalign works

The doctors at Limberakis Family Dentistry are preferred Invisalign providers. That means both doctors have special training in the actual Invisalign system and that the Invisalign lab will accept their cases and create the special acrylic aligners.

If you wish to see if your smile could improve with Invisalign, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums with an eye toward their health and the specific problems you wish to correct. Then, he'll take X-rays, CT imaging and photos, along with oral impressions, to devise the treatment plan just right for your needs.

Specifically, the typical 18 to 30 clear aligners straighten problems such as:

  • Over and under bite
  • Cross and open bite
  • Tooth tipping and rotation
  • Orthodontic relapse (teeth which shifted after removal of braces)
  • Gaps and crowding
  • Protruding front teeth

You change your aligner pairs according to your Abington dentists' instructions, wearing them for 20 to 22 hours a day to keep treatment progressing.

And yes, you can remove your comfortably smooth aligners for meals, oral hygiene and picture taking. There are no lengthy adjustments to endure at the dental office. Just see your dentist every four to six weeks for a fast progress check and to pick up your next aligner pairs.

After Invisalign

Remarkably, average treatment time is a short year. Compare that against two to two and a half years or more for traditional braces, says the American Association of Orthodontists. When your treatment is completed, you'll wear a retainer to keep your smile in place and functioning for years to come.

Find out more

Contact Limberakis Family Dentistry in Abington, PA for more information on Invisalign. If you begin treatment, you'll receive a free teeth whitening for your best-looking smile yet. Call (215) 886-8866 for an appointment.


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