Lost Teeth Don't Have to Haunt Your Smile

By Cary J. Limberakis, DMD
October 27, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Don’t let tooth loss keep you up at night. Getting dental implants in Jenkintown can help!

Tooth loss is a serious situation, but before you start panicking it’s important to know that our Jenkintown, PA dentists, Drs. Cary and dental implantsJonathan Limberakis, can easily do so much to help restore your smile. While you can obviously choose to get dentures or a dental bridge, if you are really looking for a restoration that will last then you may want to consider dental implants.

When you are dealing with serious issues like tooth loss you may feel embarrassed to even visit your Jenkintown general dentist, but we are here to help. After all, gaps in your smile can be unattractive and our goal is to give you a dental treatment that works. Of course, you can always choose the tried-and-true dentures or dental bridges, but if you want a restoration that is permanent and actually acts like a real tooth, you’ll want to consider dental implants.

With dental implants you don’t have to worry about fake teeth moving around in your mouth or worry about adhering your teeth to your gums. Dental implants are the only restoration that functions like a tooth root and is surgically placed into the jawbone where it becomes one with the bone.

Since implants fuse together with the bone you’ll have a restoration that is strong enough to last a lifetime. Of course, you will still need to care for your artificial restoration just as you would the rest of your natural teeth to help maintain its longevity. Even though it isn’t a real tooth, serious oral health problems can impact its lifespan, so it’s important that you keep up with routine dental cleanings and exams.

Dental implants offer so many wonderful benefits for its wearers including:

  • Protecting the health and density of your jawbone
  • Preserving your face’s natural structure
  • Wearing a restoration that is designed to last a lifetime
  • Having a restoration that makes it easy to eat all your favorite foods and makes it significantly easier to speak with confidence
  • Renewed self-confidence in your appearance

If you are ready to get dental implants in Jenkintown, PA, it’s time to call Limberakis Family Dentistry to schedule your consultation today. What do you have to lose?


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