COVID-19 Update

We are open to see emergency, elective, and routine maintenance patients. Click here to see all the steps we're taking to keep you safe

How We're Protecting You!

The development of COVID-19 presented an opportunity for us to show you how much we prioritize your health and safety. Our office spared no expense in infusing different safety elements to keep both you and our team healthy.  We have been following guidelines from the CDC, OSHA, PA Department of Health, and the ADA in order to best serve you and do anything we possibly could to stay ahead of this virus.  Below you will see a safety video Drs. Cary and Jonathan made to explain some, but not all of the safety measures we have taken.

Safety Protocol:

Staff Testing: Our staff is being tested for COVID-19 every other week. While transmission from a team member to a patient is unlikely, it is one more way we plan to keep you safe and our staff.

Pre-Screening Questions: Before making your appointment and/or while confirming an existing appointment you will be asked to complete a pre-screening questionnaire to help us determine if it is safe to bring you into the office.  Patients with COVID-19 symptoms (upper respiratory issues, cough, fever, muscle aches, loss of taste/smell) will be asked to reschedule only when they are feeling healthy again.  If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or were previously symptomatic, we ask that you wait at least 14 days before making an appointment.

In Office Screening: When you arrive for your appointment, we will ask you to verify the screening questions and we will be taking your temperature with a touchless thermometer.  According to CDC guidelines, anyone with a fever of 100.4 or over will be asked to reschedule for the safety of our team and the other patients in the office.

Check-In: We ask that you call us from your car to check in with us.  By mid-June, we expect to have the function for you to check in from your cell phone, via the Modento App Depending on how many patients are currently in the office or waiting room, we may ask that you wait in your car.  We are limiting the number of patients in the waiting room  to 3 at a time, in order to keep 6 ft. apart from one another.

We ask that only parents accompany other patients and if someone is to wait for you to complete an appointment that they wait in their car. This way we can accommodate other patients in the waiting area.

When you check in, please wear a mask.  Masks will be required while you are in the office, everywhere except the patient chairs during treatment.  Please either use hand sanitizer provided, or wash your hands in the patient bathrooms.

Office Safety Equipment Specific for COVID-19

Medify Air H13 HEPA Filtration Device: Air filtration units will be in the reception area, administrative areas, and in each operatory.  We have enough air filtration units to filter the air of an office over 4,000 square feet.  At 2,500 square feet, the air will be filtered every 6-8 minutes.

Touchless Thermometers- Used during check in to ensure patients and staff are not running a fever.

Aerus HVAC Air Scrubbing Units: Two of these units are installed in our HVAC system and will be running 24/7.  These Air Scrubbers use PureVac technology to filter out    viral particles, surface contaminants, odor, air pollution, dust, and dander.  Each unit utilizes both a carbon filter and UVGI light to kill any viral particles that get into the        HVAC or exist on office surfaces.  This technology is utilized by NASA in the international space station.

Vitula BioCide Air Fogger: A safe and effective cleaner FDA approved to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).  This hospital grade disinfectant kills  99.999% of mold, bacteria, spores      and viral particles on surfaces in less than 60 seconds. The most powerful EPA level 4 rated disinfectant- but also safe enough to get on your hands.

Midmark M11 Steam Sterilizer Autoclave: We have used this technology in our office for years to sterilize all of our instruments.  This technology kills viral particles, spores, bacteria and blood-borne pathogens.  The workhorse of our sterilization center and one of the most trusted names in sterilization in dentistry.

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