It Starts With Why

If you’re familiar with Simon Sinek- either his books or TED talks, you may have heard of his concept of starting with why. Our why is what drives us, what motivates us, the reason we want to get out of bed every morning, and what gives us purpose. Dentistry is not a why- it is only a what. What we do. Our why is something completely different- what sets us apart and what sets the tone for who we are and why we do what we do.

“To boost the confidence and self-esteem of every patient so that they can live their fullest potential."

That is our why. We are an office dedicated to your success as a person- not just the health of your teeth and gums. We want to see you thriving and smiling and living your life’s fullest potential. That is the reason for our office’s existence for nearly 40 years. We do incredible dentistry- but our goal is to make sure we are allowing our patients to live their best lives.

Living with cosmetic issues or dental pain is a serious barrier to thriving. Being embarrassed to smile due to the appearance of your teeth or not being able to enjoy your favorite foods is no way to live. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than improving your health and smile. Restoring your mouth and giving you life changing dentistry is what fulfills us and gives us meaning- and we want nothing more than to help keep you smiling. Modern dentistry is remarkable because we have options that just didn’t exist many years ago. Minimally invasive cosmetic treatments like bleaching, bonding, veneers or Invisalign can completely change your image- how you see the world and the confidence in which you meet the world with. Dental implants or implant dentures can do the very same thing. They can allow you to regain your chewing abilities, to eat your favorite foods once again, or to not worry about using messy denture cream or if your dentures will come out.

Our office focuses on those issues as well as keeping your mouth healthy through preventive care so that you can keep your smile as bright as when your teeth first erupted! While we get great joy from restoring a smile, we get just as much when we see you routinely and we only get to give you good news! That is the first thing that sets us apart. We are invested in you, our relationships, and your success. It all starts with our WHY.

Our Doctors

Dr. Cary and Dr. Jonathan Limberakis are engaging, effective communicators, dedicated to continuing education, exceptionally skilled but most of all, trustworthy. Some things aren’t taught in the classrooms- and those things are what it means to practice with conviction, ethics, and a strong sense of doing the right thing. Those simple things, which can be hard to come by in today’s world, are what helped Limberakis Family Dentistry become a staple in the community for almost 40 years.  Patients know they can trust our doctors not only because of their advanced degrees and certificates- but because of the type of people they are: kind, hard working, honest, dedicated to their profession, and fun to be around. That’s why patients in our practice are generational- grandparents, parents, and children alike all chose to be treated under the same roof. We’re so happy they continue to choose us for their care. Other dentists and specialists know this is how we care for our patients, which is why both doctors. have been selected by their peers as Philadelphia Magazine Top Dentists in general dentistry.

Regarding their credentials- you will be hard pressed to find one practice with two doctors as highly qualified as Dr. Cary and Dr. Jonathan Limberakis. Both doctors have earned the prestigious title of Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry.  This is a designation earned by only 6% of all general dentists in the US.  This fellowship is earned by completing over 500 hours of continuing education and passing an extensive written exam compromising every area of modern dental practice, technique and material science.

Dr. Cary currently serves on the American Dental Association's Council on Dental Practice and is an awardee of multiple national and local distinctions such as Fellowship in the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the American College of Dentists and the International College of Dentists.  He has been recognized by his peers as a Top Dentists for General Dentistry by Philadelphia Magazine three times. Dr. Cary is also an Invisalign preferred doctor and oversees the orthodontic cases in the practice.

Dr. Jonathan, with big shoes to fill, has made a serious imprint on the practice and has already accumulated multiple distinctions of his own. After achieving his fellowship in the AGD, he pursued a fellowship in implant dentistry in association with the NYU College of Dentistry. He has also traveled throughout the country accumulating a staggering 800 hours of continuing education. After dental school he also completed a residency in general practice at our very own Abington Memorial Hospital- one of the state’s top dental residency programs. Given his training and expertise- he handles all surgical, endodontic, and grafting procedures in the office.

Of course, reading about them is great- but we’re sure you will just prefer to meet them.

Our Technology

Limberakis Family Dentistry has always strived to be on the cutting edge of dentistry as long as we’ve been in existence. It’s part of our office philosophy. We combine the tried and true with the latest and greatest. Here are a few things you will find in our office:

CEREC Digital Scanning and Milling:

This 3D scanner allows us to take digital impressions of your teeth. Most often we use this for single crowns, but are also able to utilize it for Invisalign trays, inlays, onlays, and implants. The 3D scan is only half of the process though. We also have a milling unit that can mill a single crown in 7 minutes! This allows you to have a crown completed in a single visit. We don’t use this for every case, as there are scenarios when we prefer a laboratory technician complete the case, but it is truly amazing technology!

Digital Radiographs:

These are not new to the scene, but since many offices still utilize printed x-rays we feel the need to mention it. We have had digital x-rays in our office for over 10 years! What makes these so great is that not only is it faster, more convenient, and more comfortable, but it also reduces the amount of radiation needed for an x-ray by as much as 90% compared to traditional x-rays.

Digital Smile Design:

Dentistry is experiencing a revolution in digital technology. One of the ways we have adapted is by bringing in advanced software that will allow us to digitally design your ideal smile! Using your photos and an incredibly powerful app, we can show you what your ideal smile can look like without every taking an impression or using a handpiece. It's like taking a test drive of your smile. Best of all- we will do this complimentary for you. Ask for Dr. Jonathan to show you how this process works!

DryShield and ReLeaf:

Our office utilizes two forms of intraoral high speed suctioning. Why is this important? Well, for one it makes your experience more comfortable. The Dryshield combines moisture control with airway safety, so that nothing from inside your tooth goes into your throat during the procedure. The ReLeaf system minimizes aerosols during your cleanings and keeps your comfortable and dry so that you don’t need to stop and start to suction throughout the procedure- it’s done automatically!

Invisalign Clear Orthodontic Aligners:

Dr. Cary and Dr. Jonathan have been integrate orthodontics into their practice in order to help our patients achieve their ideal health and dental esthetics. Often, through clear aligners, like Invisalign, we are able to complete a more conservative treatment but maximize the outcome of your smile.  Both doctors are happy to review the process with you and makes it as simple and easy as possible to get your ideal smile.

A digital scan and a few photographs are all you need to get started! Then we can bring your plan to life and you can see it all unfold on the screen digitally- so you know what your end result will look like! The practice utilizes the newest iTero intraoral scanner- which completely maps out and digitizes the patient's teeth. That information is stored in the cloud and can always be accessed by the doctors. It allows patients to literally see inside their mouths in a way never before possible. It also allows their scan to be sent instantaneously to Invisalign which allows us to plan their treatment the very same day!

Latest Implant Technology:

We utilize the most modern dental implant technology in order to safely place and restore your dental implants. While implants have been around for nearly 30 years, the technology has changed rapidly. That's why we utilize a system that has a proven track record of success for bone to implant integration and long term success. We also utilize CBCT cone beam technology and surgical guides to allow us to place implants precisely where there will be most successful and safest for you!

Cone Beam 3-D Digital Imaging:

Our office utilizes the state-of-the-art Sirona Orthophos S11 CBCT scanner. 3D allows us to visualize so much more and overcomes the limitations of traditional 2D radiographs. This technology allows us to look at your smile 360 degrees around each tooth- uncovering information that we previously would not have been able to ascertain. What does this mean for you? We can complete our procedures with more accuracy and give more better information than ever before! That means before an implant is ever placed, we can digitally plan it with total accuracy to position it in the best possible location.

Intraoral and Extraoral Photographs:

We want you to see what we see! It’s as simple as that. We utilize the Mouthwatch intraoral cameras to show you anything we find concerning in your mouth. This might be inflammation of the gums, cracks in teeth, leaking fillings, or cavities. We know you can trust us, but it doesn’t hurt to see it with your own two eyes. For cosmetic procedures, we utilize a Nikon D3400 camera with a lens and flash system specifically calibrated for dentistry. So when we have to communicate shade and information to a lab- they are getting an incredibly high quality photograph to create the best possible match.

Spear Education Chairside Patient Videos:

Everyone learns differently. Some of us need a combination of visuals, reading, and verbal communication to fully grasp a concept. So, if there’s a complicated topic to discuss all we need to do is pull up a high quality video to explain it in a different way that may work better for you. These videos can also be e-mailed to you for your review whenever you would like. They help break down new advanced concepts into easy to digest information.

Advanced Endodontic Instruments:

Without boring you, we utilize some incredible technology to diagnose, perform, and complete root canal procedures. This involves digital sensors to determine the true length of a canal, cordless reciprocating rotary files for quick and complete cleansing of a tooth, and warm condensation techniques for fully sealing a canal.

Our Comforts

Office Appearance:

We know the dental office is not typically everyone's favorite place to be, so we've tried to do whatever we can to make it more relaxing for you. It starts with the beauty of the office. It's doesn't have that cold/lifeless feel that many doctors offices present- rather it's warm, relaxing, and inviting. Our color scheme was chosen to put you at ease and every room has a beautiful view of the outdoors with expansive windows.

Office Chairs:

We can assure you that you've never been in a dental chair as comfortable as ours. Not only does it gently cradle the body, but every chair has a built in massager to put your body and mind at ease. Multiple speeds and settings are all available for you to adjust right at your side. Additionally, the chairs have a built in heating unit to keep your temperature right where you need it to be during the colder months.

Nitrous Oxide:

Also known as laughing gas, is an incredible tool for patients with dental anxiety and those who just want to relax in the chair alike. Both Dr. Cary and Dr. Jonathan have special licenses to administer nitrous oxide to make sure you are safe and comfortable throughout the procedure. Don't be bashful to ask for it- it is there for your comfort! Best of all, its onset and offset period are quick- so it doesn't require you to have someone drive you to and from the appointments.

Monitors and On-Demand TV:

Each room is equipped with large monitors that are specific to each room. The rooms are equipped with YouTube TV so you're free to browse ESPN or Bravo right from your chair. We also utilize these screens to show your radiographs and photos to help you gain a better understanding of your treatment needs.

Plush Blankets, Neck Cradling Pillows, and Noise Cancelling Headphones:

All are available at your request to make you as relaxed as possible.

Our Team

One of the best parts about our office is that you will see the same smiling faces for years and years. We have an office culture that keeps our team around! Most of our staff has been here for 15+ years, and some, such as our fantastic office manager, Joanne, and our EFDA, Eileen, have been with us for 30 years! Our team of hygienists and assistants are highly trained and skilled and routinely exceed the number of continuing education hours needed for licensure. Check out their bios in the Meet Our Team section.

We Give Back

Our office gives back to our community, we give back to those in need, and we dedicate our time on behalf of our patients to the dental community. For years our office has participated in pro bono efforts like "Give Kids a Smile" and "Give Vets a Smile." Both of those in which we've completed thousands of dollars of dentistry at no charge to veterans and children in need. We are also a partner of the Dental Lifeline Network and Donated Dental Services- who connects us with patients who are the most vulnerable, medically fragile, compromised, or disabled so that we can provide pro bono comprehensive dentistry for them. We feel it is part of our mission to be able to help those who are not able to care for themselves. We make it routine to partner with organizations that help benefit communities both near and far. We have sponsored events for Victors Vision- a non-profit that helps underserved youth in Peru, donated for church and synagogue programs, and in 2020 we launched a campaign with the American Cancer Society that raised $4000 for cancer research. Helping our community is part of our DNA.



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