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Do I Need a Root Canal?

Do I Need a Root Canal?

ToothacheMillions of teeth are saved each year with root canal treatment. Root canal therapy is a treatment of the pulp of a tooth that is infected, inflamed, or dead. Limberakis Family Dentistry, which is located in Abington, PA, offers a full range of dental services, including root canals. Dr. Cary Limberakis and Dr. Jonathan Limberakis are some of the top dentists in Abington, PA. Here are five signs you may need a root canal.

1. A toothache- A toothache may be a sign that you need a root canal. The pain is caused by an infection in the tooth. If the tooth is dead and has become abscessed, you will feel pain when you chew food or put pressure on the tooth. The pain may range from mild to severe. A root canal will relieve your pain and improve your well-being.

2. Swollen Gums- Gum swelling around the tooth can be a sign that a root canal is needed. Gum swelling is often associated with infection, but it does not always mean an infection is present. The swelling can range from being mild to pronounced.

3. Tooth Sensitivity- If you pass on cold or hot beverages because you know they'll make your tooth hurt, it may be time to talk to your dentist. Extreme sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures can be a sign that a root canal is needed. After the procedure, your tooth will no longer be sensitive to cold and hot temperatures because the nerve tissue has been removed.

4. Discoloration- Tooth discoloration can be a sign that a root canal is needed. When the roots of the infected tooth have died, the tooth may turn gray, brown, or black. If you have a darkened tooth, root canal treatment is required to treat the infection and internal bleaching may be necessary to restore your original tooth color.

5. Gum Boil- A gum boil or bump on your gum can be a sign that a root canal is needed. The gum boil may disappear and then come back. This gum boil is usually a buildup of pus, which is associated with infection. Your dentist can treat this by performing a root canal. If you experience any of the above symptoms, it is very important to get a thorough examination by a licensed dentist for a proper diagnosis.

If you need a root canal, why wait? We can help you today! Call Limberakis Family Dentistry at 215-886-8866 today to schedule an appointment in Abington, PA. Root canal therapy is a procedure that can end your pain and save your tooth.

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