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FAQs About Why Dental Implants Improve Your Smile

If your smile has been rendered unattractive because of cavities and other examples of extreme tooth decay, you know firsthand the hit your confidence is likely to take. That's because a beautiful smile can only be had with clean, white teeth, making a mouth full of discoloration and decay something that's positively frown-worthy!

But at the dental office of Cary L. Limberakis, DMD, you'll find that getting the perfect grin is achievable even when your teeth are atDental Implants their worst. That's because Dr. Cary and his expert dental associates make it their personal mission to take your tormented teeth and construct a smile-centric dental creation in their place.

One of the leading ways the helpful dental staff on site accomplish this is through dental implants, which are synthetic structures that are secured in the area of the tooth typically occupied by the root. Dental implants serve as the necessary foundation for a beautiful, bright white, artificial tooth to be placed. They can even help attach dentures in certain circumstances.

Typically made from titanium, which is a strong metal known for fitting in well with your jawbone and surrounding periodontal tissues, dental implants don't get rejected by your body. Titanium is therefore biologically compatible with your natural dental structures, serving as the perfect material to be used for all dental implants.

They're long-lasting, too, as a dental implant cared for through daily proper hygiene can be expected to last a lifetime, especially if you stay away from tobacco use and smoking.

For more information on dental implants and what they can accomplish for your smile, visit the office of Dr. Limberakis or call one of his trusted dental assistants today at (215) 886-8866 so you can start your journey towards a better smile right here in Jenkintown, PA!

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