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Let's Talk About: Acid Erosion and Diets

Tooth erosion refers to wear that develops from acidic liquids against our teeth.  Erosion on our teeth can cause them to become discolored, more sensitive, and reduce our enamel’s resistance to cavities.  Acidity is measured in terms of pH.  Anything less than a 7 on the pH scale is considered acidic. These acidic attacks can come from both our diet, but also from within our body!


Acid attacks from our diet most often come from low pH drinks like soda, coffee, energy drinks, and sports drinks.  Colas have a pH around 2.8-3, black coffee around 5.5, Gatorade at 3.5, Red Bull around 3.2, and lemon juice at 2.3.  Even certain waters have a non-neutral pH, and sparkling waters, like LaCroix, have an acidic pH of 3.5-4.  


If you’re wondering what your healthiest option is, try more alkaline/basic waters (Essentia, Bai, Flow) with a higher pH, and don’t add lemon!  If you’re going to have an acidic drink, just don’t sip on it all day.  Your teeth won’t have the chance to remineralize and protect themselves.  Ask any questions you may have about our diets and tooth erosion by sending me a message on my Instagram! @DrLimberakis

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