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Want A Smile Like Your Favorite Celebrity?

Do you envy the models on TV or in magazines for their glamorous, white smiles? You can obtain that same flawless smile with the use of veneers or possibly another aesthetic dental procedure from Limberakis Family Dental in Abington, PA, and serving Jenkintown, PA, and the general vicinity. Dr. Cary Limberakis and Dr. Jonathan Limberakis will discuss your desires and plan a course of action to correct your teeth. 

Same Color 

When people talk about what they want most from a celebrity's smile, it's usually the bright, white hue. Fortunately, when you visit these Jenkintown, PA, dentists, you can receive the same whitening treatments sought after by celebrities -- a professional teeth whitening. Additionally, you may also receive veneers to change the color. These aesthetic dental shields fit on the front of your teeth, and they can alter the color of your teeth dramatically. 

Same Spacing

As you pay attention to celebs, you probably notice their teeth are perfectly distanced apart from one another. You may achieve this with veneers or Invisalign. With Invisalign, your practitioner fits you for clear aligners that you wear for most of every day. The trays have different shapes and gradually change the spacing between your teeth. 

Same Size 

What size are your teeth? Are all your teeth the same size? If they're not, you may crave that in your smile, just like your favorite stars have. With veneers, a dentist from the practice can change the size of your teeth so they all appear the same size. Dentists also use veneers to achieve this, although dental crowns are another way to change the size of your teeth. 

Usual Shape 

Sometimes, teeth are a bit oddly shaped. And one will stand out because of its shape. When you look at smiles on TV and in magazines, you don't see this problem. That's because celebrities have access to treatments like veneers, which can easily alter the shape of your teeth. You could also receive a dental crown to correct the problem. 

Proper Bite 

If you have an overbite or an underbite, it can make it hard to care for your teeth properly. An overbite or underbite can also make you self-conscious, and you'll notice that celebrities usually don't have this problem. You can correct it with Invisalign, and nobody will even know you're fixing it. 

If you're envious of the models and movie stars with the perfect smiles, stop wishing for the same smile and contact Dr. Limberakis and Dr. Limberaski from Limberakis Family Dental in Abington, PA, and serving Jenkintown, PA, and the nearby region, today to get the smile you want and deserve. Call us at 215-886-8866.

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