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  • Is Teeth Whitening Right for You?
    Want that glamorous smile? Drs. Cary and Jonathan Limberakis offer multiple teeth whitening solutions at their Abington, PA, office, 3 minutes away from their previous location in Jenkintown. Read below to learn about their take-home kits, commercial products, Read more
  • No Need to Fret Over Implant Surgery
    Are you interested in dental implants but a little hesitant about the surgery? Don’t be—this procedure to imbed an implant’s titanium post in the jawbone is relatively minor with little Read more
  • Don't Stress Over Your Child's Teeth Grinding Habit Unless it Persists
    Along with thumb sucking, childhood teeth grinding is one of the top concerns anxious parents bring to their dentists. It’s so prevalent, though, many providers consider it normal behavior—the sleep-disturbing Read more
  • A Toothless Tiger?
    Let’s say you’re traveling to Italy to surprise your girlfriend, who is competing in an alpine ski race… and when you lower the scarf that’s covering your face, you reveal Read more
  • 4 Causes for Gum Recession and What We Can Do About It
    If you’ve noticed some of your teeth seem to be “longer” than you remembered, it’s not because they’ve grown. Rather, your gums have shrunk back or receded to expose more Read more

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