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  • Let's Talk About: Acid Erosion and Diets
    Tooth erosion refers to wear that develops from acidic liquids against our teeth.  Erosion on our teeth can cause them to become discolored, more sensitive, and reduce our enamel’s resistance Read more
  • Achieve a 5-Star Smile With Teeth Whitening
    Professional teeth whitening treatment can give you a five-star smile. It can quickly brighten teeth that have become dull over time. Teeth whitening can also lift away many of the Read more
  • The Benefits Of Same-Day Crowns
    If chips, cracks, or decay are keeping your teeth from looking their best, dental crowns might be the solution to perfecting your smile. Dental crowns, both durable and attractive, are an Read more
  • Implant vs. Non-Implant Dentures
    Wondering which type of dentures will give you back a strong, confident smile?  We understand just how upsetting and disheartening tooth loss can be, but it’s important to know that you Read more
  • Let's Talk About: Tooth Wear
    Part 1 about different types of tooth wear! Read more

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